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WHAT WE'VE DONE IS FOREVER - new landscape showing debauchery by Charlie Visconage
Acrylic, house paint, clay, and gouache on stretched canvas

I used to walk by a church on 16th and Kennedy streets a bunch, and in my darker imagination I wondered what it would be like if the power grid completely failed. People fuck in front of a burning car, a Russian roulette game is on, everyone is naked, animals are driving and rebelling against their masters, some ladies are sharing a cig, and there's positive vandalism happening for good measure. The bums doin’ it in front of the car were directly inspired by the hardcore thrash metal band Candy’s album cover for “Good to Feel”, which my friend Matt Asman shared with me one day. The title is from a conversation with an artist friend with regard to our legacies as artists; even when we die, the works we’ve done are forever.

This piece measures 40x30 with a 1 inch depth.Contact Me for purchase information.