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In Feburary of 2019, Charlie was chosen for the Derek Lieu Residency at Hole in the Sky Collective. His pitch was to create an immersive event that served as a metaphor for the exciting highs and disappointing lows that come with being an artist. The final result of four months at Hole in the Sky was FUNLAND, an immersive dark carnival featuring artworks and sets created by Charlie Visconage, games, and live actors in character.

Although it was billed as a solo effort, he was helped by friends with a ton of talent in immersive entertainment: Sean Ellis, Melanie Harker, and Ellys Abrams.

FUNLAND operated for one night only on Saturday, May 18, 2019 and attracted over 300 guests. FUNLAND also had a custom soundscape - you can listen to it here.

Videos by Jeff Ray Films.

These awesome people also made this night happen: Kelly Chilton (logo design), Matt Chaconas aka Shining Seconds (sound design), Raven Photography, Pat Riley, Mike O'Brien, Rachel Wallach, Landry Dunand, Lura Barber, Matt Winterhalter, Milk Cult, Seth Rosenke, Amanda Zeitler Rosenke, Jeff Ray, Dana Malone, Jenna Hall, Eliza Wapner, Nina Hsu, Analia Gomez Vidal, and Chris Ulrich.

FUNLAND was produced in collaboration with Hole in the Sky Collective and its members as part of the Derek Lieu Residency. FUNLAND was made possible financially by Hole in the Sky Collective, a grant from the Awesome Foundation, and Charlie’s 2018 tax return. Artist & Craftsman Supply made a generous donation of gift bags for our games.